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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  May 29, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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on memorial day..3 at 3:30. now jeff barnd and karen arks rejoin us with the "late edition". >> we ave got problems. >> president's firsthand look at ú%e damage froo the spill in the %-and the new informmtion tonigt about when things started to get out of control. >> the deathhof gary coleman. the tragic fiial years of the famous child actor. >> and a 2-year-old addicted to cigarettes. how this video is changing his life. >> live, in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition"..3 >> hello, again, i am jefff3 barnd. >> and i am karen parks. president obama goes to the gulf. >> nd he is taking responsibility for mistakes inú handling the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico.
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chris has the details oo what the president saw on his trrp. >> president obama surveying some of the damage left behind by the argest oil spill in u.s3 history. mr. obama touring the site with3 a national incident commander in the local parish president. collecting tar balls that are washing up all along the gulf coast. >> obviously the concern is that untii we actually stop the flow, we have got problems. >> the president meeting with ssaae and local leaders who arr ccncerned how the out of connrol leak will devastate the economy, and ecosystem. >> thhs is something that has to be dealt with immediately. %-and that's everybody's driving foccss everybody standing behind me. this is our highest priirity. and it deserves a response that is equal to the task. >> the white house is getting criticize fodacting too slow and not putting enough pressure on they are proceeding the ttp kill procedure after stopping
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officials say everything is going as planned but thee will not know for two days, if the maneuver is a success. the incidenttcontinues in kenner louisiana. >> the coast guard and minimall3 as management service trying to3 get to the bottom of whaa sparked tte disaster. teels me the well was oot of control some time. and data from the investigation is not proven why the well became out of control. >> bp reportssthe clean up has cost $933 million so far. that includes the clean up -fforts that are ongoing, and the cost to drill new relief in venice louisiana, fox 45 news. >> scary moments at a baltimore3 city school after students expooed to meecury. up to 60 students and staff at rodman elementary sent to this decontamination trailer affer several thermometers that broke this afternoon. hazmaa crews were t the scene, substance was released.
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and there is no sign annone got sick. >> a baltimore county man is dead after police used a taser on him. baltimore county police say ccrl johnson was speeding and driving very erratically before crashing hii truck on 795 at 695 last night. police say johnson punched the state trooper and hurt two more officers. police then fired their tasers and johnson died later. neighbors are blaming the incident on johnson's diabetes. was a weaving car, you know, i am like, oh, no, you know, and then they pull him over. so he no doubt had no preseece of mind. >> a police spokesperson said it appears the officers did nothing wrong, but they are conducting an investigation. -> two children are safe tonight after an attempted aaduction at %-41-year-old todd harris is facing charges of attempted kidnapping. and attempted abduction. police say he approached the
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children inside of gabbiel's clothing store in abingdon. and offered to buy hem a bail ball. and tten tried to lure the kids outside.3 harris has a lengthy criminal record..3 but his brother said the whole incident is a mmsunderstandingg >> he said no come on, lets %-i will buy you that, and i wil -o to another store and buy you whatever you want. and repeated trring to coax them out of the store. >> i don't think todd could do anything like that. that's not my brother. >> tonight, todd harris is held without bail. at the harford county detention center. >> the trial of a man accused f murdering sarah oxwell gets a change of venue. thomas legs set to stand trial in wicomico trial foo killing the girl back in december. legs requeeted the trial be moved fter prosecutors were -onsidering the death penalty. the case will now be heard in cecil county. no date has been set.
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18-year-old daughter taken to the hospital after found unconscious at the inner harbour. police say tara o'malley as discovered at 7:30 last night. maryland's first lady aty o'malley said tara attended a graduation celebration and became ill. shh adds, as we deal with this family matterrand treat it as teachable moment. we thank the public for respecting our privacy and -ncourage parents and teenagers to be safe hissgraduatioo tara, tonight is back home. >> lightning is to blame or several fires across the area. and in pikesville lightning struck the avalon apprtments. sparking a massive fire. the fire caused more than $2 million in damage. and left more han a dozen people wwthout a home. happp he got his family and dogs out okay. >> hat's right. all of that furniture, i can et that later. %-it doesn't matter.
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there. that was everything. >> and in arundel county. this is what lightning did to one home. it started -- it was a ffre that destroyee a room. even melting theesmoke detector in the homeein lake shore. one block away, another lightning strike started a fire in another home. no one was hurt in either fire. >> not as stormy tonight but with many heading to ocean there is concerns about rrin. >> meteorologist jessica starr joins us now with a sky watchh3 forecast. tell us what the holiday weeken3 is shaping up to look like. >> not too bad. a threat for some rain for tomorrow. clouds out there throughoot the daytime today. buu most of the rain showerr stayee west and down south. and pretty much theesame story for tooorrow. temperatures today, with the clouds around, kept ourú temperatures a couple of degrees below normal. tapping off at 74 today. and right now, 70 in ballimore. 68 in d.c. and 70 in hagerstown.
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continues to be muggy and uncomfortable overnight tonight. and temperatures dropping down to 62 t 6 a.m. for the overnight low temperature. waking up to fog with the winds still continuing from the east. and by noon tomorrow, but we are going to start to see sunshine and some very hot3 temperatures by memorial, monday. tell you how warm it wwll get coming up in a few minutes. >> the great weekend forecast was great nnws for all the folks headed down to the ocean. ttis is what the traffic is like now at sandy point state park. it is crowd there had at the problems. but not too many route 50 headeddto ocean city, there was a steady flow of traafic all day long. pretty smooth still however..3 that's good. >> about 250,000 people are expected to flood the beach town this holiday weekend..3 businesses are expected to boom3 especially because travelers willlhave a little extra change in their pockets. thanks to dipping gas prices. >> the fear of $3 gas, many
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projected earlier in the season, certainly does seem to be upon weekend.3 >> gases price us have fallen for three weeks and aree3 averaging abbut $2 vivtoday. >> owen's mills woman had a nightmare thursday but she was not dreaming. lisa whitehead spotted a bear behind her home on field road.ú awoke to heavy breathing aa the window. >> we knew it was a bear. we knee it was aabear. the sound. and i mean he was just pacing3 from window to window. going back and forth. >> now esides peeping in thee3 window the bear ransackeddtrash cans as well. the department f natural resources knows about the bear. lisa said this is the secondd3 ú%me it has been doing heavy breathing around her home. >> you asked and they listened. facebook executivessare sayyng morr abouu how they are making it simpler to protect your privacy. after weees of controverss, and
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user outrage, the site has reduced the number f prrvacy settings froo 50 to about 15. they say it is much easier to share with other users. now theee is a master button to protect you from third paaties like companies. want to tweak your facebook face? %->> and a warning tonight for v ú%nsumer safety commiision said memooial day weekend is one ofú the deadliest time for riders. during the four day holiday.ths that averagee out to seven per day. they are encouraging riders not to drive in the street. not to let children under 16ú drive an atv . geaa, especcally helmets. >> beautiful sight. graduationnat the naval academy in annapolis. why the classsof 2010 is making
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history. >> a v legend dead at 42. what caused the actor's death. >> and how a 2-year-oldi
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>> tragedy in india this evening after a train derails. passenger train olliied with a
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cargo train, and 80 people aae dead. 150 injured. so witnesses ssy there as an3 explosion ust before the collision. others say rebels sabotaged the rail lines. meantime the search for more bodies continues tonight. >> ppnnsylvania congressman sestak said he spoke with former president clinton about a -ossible presidential appointment under the obama white house. meant to keep the congressman out of the peensylvania senate3 primary. the whhte house is backing or ú%s backkng arrest lynn spectee, some lawmakers say president obama may have broken some laws here. sestak that beat ssecter in the primary will not say what job e was offered. children missing, after a volcano erupts in uatemala thursday. it was evacuatted and airport shut down completely. reporter hit by spewing rocks and killed. -o word on how the chillren %-tonight, the government has issued a state of emergency. >> president obama is drawing criiicism for his decision to
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skip a memorial day tradition. the president will not visit arlington national cemetery this year. last year he did attend and -- laid a wreath at tte tomb of the unknown. instead the president will join ú%cerrmony in chicago, where he is vacationing. mr. obama will not beethe first pressdent to miss the arlington ceremony. ronald eagan missed 2 and george bush senior never attended. >> should the president take part in theememorial day ceremony at arlington national cemetery? so far 91 percent saa yes. 9 percent say no. jack wriies on our website. he issthe leading representative of what memorial day should stand for. and, therefore, should show national honor to those that dieed to keep us free. >> hip hip hurray. >> a joyous day forrmore than 1000 midshipmen. now graduates of the u.s. naval3 academy out of annnpoois.
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vice-president joe biden congratulatted the grads, including 11 women that will mariners. and 30th anniversary of women graduating from the academy. >> this week, it seemed like spring had finally sprrug. >> yeeh, meteorologist jessica starr jjins us now. arr the warm temmeratures finally here to stay now? >> yeah. this weekend it will feel like summer with temperatures close to 90 degrees by memorial day mmnday. and ttday a lot of clouds around. and that kept down the3 temperatures a couple of degrees. 75 as theeactual high and normal. we should be at 78. right now, though, muggy night in store for us. 77 at the inner harbour. mostly cloudy skies. winds are currently calm. and you can see the humidity is at 75 percent. so a little bit of uncomfortabl3 night overniggt tonight. northeast regional temperatuues. temperatures willlnoo drop off too much tonight. dropping downnto maybe right around 62 degreess 70 right now n baltimore.ú 69 in harrisburg. 66 in pittsburg and 70 in
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clevellnd. -ow on sky watch regional radar. %-most of he day.uds today forú and most of the moisture stayed off to western maryyand and down south to virginia. actually strong thunderstorms toward richmmnd earlier this evvning. but the threat of rain showwrs will be ii the forecast overnight tonight and for the daytime for tomorrow. as we hhve the low pressure system that will hang annú linger. slow moving system. so it willinger with the clouds. so tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. some clouds and winds from the east. so bringing innthe moisture. -nd the clouds around so a mix of sun and clouds through the day. and you cannot rule out an isolated shower through the day. but highhpressure syssem is going to buuld in beautifully late omorrow aaternoon, and so sunday is looking like one of ú%e best days of the holiiay weekend. dry conditions, and wide spread sunshine for sunday. but then temperatures are going to really climb later in the day on sunday. into monday.ú so if you are headed to ocean city. not too bad of a fooecast.
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ú%ght rain showers possible tomorrow. and the sunshine will come out. 75 for saturday. and then on sunday, mostly sunny skies. 80 degrees. beautiful day. and on memorial monday. mostly sunny and 82. downtoon baltimore for tomorrow. cooler. 73. clouds linger. a mix of sun and ccouds. and again you cannot rule out an isolate shower and winds from the southeast at 10 miles per hour. now here is the next five days. 84 by sunday. mostly unny skies. memorial monday. 91 degrees. barbeque or head to a parade. you will need to drink a lot of water. beeause it will be hot and humid for memorial day for the holiday. then that system rolls out. and a cold front moves in here tuesday and wedneeday.allowing for thunderstorms to evelop. 86 tuesday nd 83 on wednesday. that's a look at the forecast. seven day is coming up in a few minutes. >> gary coleman,,the child star of theepopular 1970s and 80s tv show different strokes has died at the age of 42.
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coleman suffered an intracranial hemorrhage and sliiped into a coma aa a hoopital. he was popular uring his timeú on different strokes. but he struggled to reclaim that fame as he got oller. coleman had kidney disease hat stunted hii growwh and led o two kidney transplants. >> and lindsay lohan is quite the hollywood diva and fan fashionesta. asking for help from ccen nel to customiie her alcohol monitoring bracelet. ordered to wear it after skipping out n a alcohol awareness class as punishment for drunk driving. desiiner ffr sticker to spice it up. >> wedding bells are ringing for alycia keys, she has announced that she is engaged and plans to marry to music producer beats. ú% wrote songs for her, and
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jay-z and beyonce. this issher first child andd3 fiance's third. >> think you have a bad habit? this kid as you b [ female announcer ] it's time to raise the bar
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>> get this. a toddler in indonesia has become abticketed to cigarettes. the parents of aldi saiddhe3 started to smoke at 18 months old. dad, introduced him to this habit. and aldi is up to tto packs a day. >> look aa him. this guy is ro. after "youtube" video of the child smoking surfaced, he was immediately put innto a rehabilitation program. >> next time use a binky. the bottle doesn't smoke anyway. and look at this. new york city woman. she is a walking work of art as -ou can see. 55-year-old juliaya noose holds the guinness orld record for the most tattooed wooan. she has ll sorts of images as you can tell.
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especially if you have a colored tv. including scenes from iilove lucy to the three stooges. there is riiky there. she started the fascination with ink 20 years ago to cover up aú skin disorder. they are telling me we are ring out of video. that's a good thing. did it to cover up aaskin -isorder. ú% well inssiration for a new one night arrest orioles surrendered a lead, they went north of the border taking on tte blue jays. millwood was 13 for -- searching for the first win of the year. but you knnw the saying, you cannot win when you don't score. they haae' lead. bautista insideeout swing drives it overed head of markakis, and bautista is thinking, i will to go thirr. but oore with a bad throw to third. and it gets away frrm miguel tajeda and bautista scorrs. it is ruled a trip spell and error on the throw. two runs in, jays up.
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and top of the second. o's threatening. two on, two out. marcum gets him swinging at the breaking ball. one down. next batter is adam jones. he hits a sharp liner to short. bbt check out the leap and catch by gonzales. that's two gone. and scott moore up next,. dirt to end the inning. birds unable to advance the runnerss dave trembley, bad year. back to marcum in the sixth. for a punch out. in seven innings for the starter. bottom half. toronto found their power. canadian night.lishes the his seventh. blue jays have the lead. and two batters later. wells scorches a line driie ovvr the fence in left.ú his 12th of the year. ú%ronto up five. as they go on to shutout the o's 5-0 to take game one of the series.
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>> now to the ravens that wrapped up the second ota of the spring this week. ú%d young guys making their case for a starting job. donnelle ellerbe only undrafted plaaer to make the 53 man roster last season for the ravens and fighting the spring to start next to ray lewis s inside linebacker. battling against mcclain and gooden and last seasons elly ee three games when he had a groin injury. john harbaugh realizes he has been working hard buu he has not locked locked up the job yet. >> i think, donnelle is doing well. you know, aa are all he other young line backers. you know, he is working with the ones, i would not characterize any of them as starters yet. the competition is there. donnelle has done well. good off season. lifting, conditioning. knowing the defense. but i would put the other guys in that category. >> raaens get a bbtter look at some of the face when is rookii
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camp starts tuesday.
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>> mii of sun and clouds tomorrow. 79 degrees. just a slight chance of isolate3 showee. sunday and monddy, dry and hot. mostly sunny both days.ú 91 ondayy rain showers. tuesday and wednesday. that system pulls out and thursday and friday dry.
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with temperaturrs in the low 80s. that's a look at the seven-day forecast. >> last time that we ad a seven-day forecast with jessica starr, who is leaving fox 45 news. you are getting married? >> yeah. >> when is the we hading. >> june 12. -ig day. >> congratulations. >> you will be issed. >> tremendously. >> i know. i will miss everyone. >> you have done a wonddrful wonderful wonderrul job here. >> years ago you have. >> now i know i have a heart, it
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